“Build better Indices with Avoodoo!”

Avoodoo is an early stage startup and the world’s fastest platform for market index development, calculation and management. The company aims to standardize and digitize the global benchmarking industry. Their customers are index providers and product issuers such as stock exchanges and asset managers. Avoodoo´s customers benefit from an accelerated time-to-market, and a simplification of the end-to-end index lifecycle so they can create more and more specialized indices. “We want our customers to build better indices with Avoodoo as if they were using Lego building blocks.” says Co-Founder and CEO, Johanna.

Avoodoo is proud to graduate from the F10 P2 program in February, 2021. They are currently working with SIX as index provider at a PoC to finalize their MVP.

Future of Female Founders

Avoodoo join the SSA to grow their visibility within the Swiss startup landscape to be able to grow and expand the company. They look forward to connecting with potential partners, other founders and likeminded people to exchange knowledge and learn from one another.

When asked about how they perceive the startup ecosystem to develop in the future, Johanna shared with us her answer of: “Personally, I hope to see more women in the founding teams within the next 5-10 years and that the benefit of home office will no longer be doubted.” We absolutely stand behind this “femtrepreneur” movement (read our article about it HERE) and are happy to have more members on board to be part of this transition. Welcome once again, Avoodoo!

More about Avoodoo and their Team: www.avoodoo.com

Fun Fact: The team consists of passionate kite-surfers! Suffering due to the current travel restrictions, they can’t wait to feel the wind on the skin again.

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