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Hey, Relai AG! Welcome to the Swiss Startup Association.

Bitcoin – Made in Switzerland

Relai AG is a fast moving startup based in Zurich working towards getting some Bitcoin into everyone’s pockets! By creating an application which is simple to use with close to no barriers for set up, the team at Relai has made Bitcoin purchasing and investment as easy as it can be.

Their platform does not require registrations, account creations, or deposits. You can download the app and start your Bitcoin investments immediately starting with as little as $10 with ensured high security. The app also allows individuals to set up automated investments so that there is as little hassle as possible for the user. Their consumer reviews are a testimony to the effectiveness and ease of their product.

The team at Relai is driven by their mission to expand the use of Bitcoin and run fast towards their goal. In fact, they developed their first Minimal Viable Product in only three months, entered into a big VC deal within two weeks and were able to recruit a CMO within just one week! We look forward to seeing their growth with the pace they run with.

Networking. Credibility. Visibility.

Relai forecasts that the future of the Swiss startup environment will develop to become closer to what we recognize Silicon Valley as and its cultures. They believe the scene will grow bigger and faster and hope that with this, there will be a rise in risk taking when it comes to early stage venture funding.

By joining the Swiss Startup Association, Relai are looking to grow their network, enhance their credibility and expand visibility of their startup and product.

Growing our community, Relai hopes to support in our mission to create better standing conditions for startups in Switzerland – specifically for early stage companies – and to support with early stage venture funding.

We are happy to welcome Relai on board and look forward to reaching our goals together with our expanding community!

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