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Welcome Live Track AG to the SSA!

Sustainable Solutions in Logistics

Live Track AG is a startup working towards eliminating unnecessary B2B-transports in logistics, supply-chain and facility-management using an advanced analytics platform.

Their goal? To make the logistics-world more efficient as well as sustainable.
Fun Fact: Live Track AG loves waste! It’s literally part of their business!

Using a two-sided platform linked to IoT-devices, Live Track is helping companies to save transport-costs while minimizing greenhouse-gas emissions on the last mile as well as boosting customer-experiences. Full package!

Although municipalities and cities have been slow in kicking-off projects relating to smart-cities and smart-waste, the Live Track team were able to overcome this barrier and have managed to onboard customers like AVAG, Rapperswil-Jona, and Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Further recognizable innovative companies from private sectors such as Remondis, Reisswolf and more are also partnering with Live Track on their journey. Their success was achieved through their customer centric approach, open platform- and IoT-technology mantra.

Joining Forces against the Empire

Live Track joined the Swiss Startup Association to access a strong network and to join forces “against the empire!”. They believe that by joining the SSA community, we are collectively able to create one voice against political and economic issues which many startups are faced with.

When asked how the team at Live Track envision the future of startups in Switzerland, they shared that they believe all companies, not just startups, will have to innovate their business models in the next decade and that this will encourage collaboration between “traditional” and startup businesses. They personally are not fans of the black and white thinking model about startups and non-startups.

The team suggests that these innovations could take form on an internal level or even with external approaches such as “traditional” businesses linking with startups to develop projects or concepts together.

Live Track notes that there are more and more people leaving non-innovative companies to run their own startups or follow their own visions and that graduates would rather join startups as they are just more dynamic from the get-go compared to traditional companies. Based on this, they believe that a collaboration between larger companies and startups to align on intrinsically motivated resources is an area of opportunity and could trigger a positive change in the Swiss working landscape in general.

With Live Track and many other startups, the SSA are creating an innovation and incubation hub for the next generation of Swiss economy. Together, we create a solid base to nurture more entrepreneurs in Switzerland facilitating the implementation of their visions and we are happy for Live Track to be a part of the journey!

More about Live Track AG and their Team:

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