Welcome MOOST to the Swiss Startup Association!

Making The ´Most Out Of Smart Things´ For Our Smart Homes

MOOST provide a software service platform which supports Smart Home solution providers by turning user data into tailored recommendations at scale.

How? Their recommender engine takes into account what devices people own, how they use them and how their context is changing. The engine then generates recommendations on how to increase safety, convenience and on how to save energy. The magical part is that these suggestions are personalised. This means they are perfectly tuned to whatever devices users own so that the suggested controls can be activated with just one click.

What drives the team at MOOST is the goal to save one megaton of CO2 per year by 2025 through their energy saving recommendations, fight against the devices people buy but don’t really use (AKA zombie devices!) and create a working culture within the company with zero politics and a long term mindset where colleagues can prosper and feel safe.

Navigating The Startup Jungle And Supporting The SSA

Their goal and journey so far sounds thrilling and full of success but it wasn´t always easy as we see with many of the SSA members we have engaged with.

MOOST shared with us that Switzerland is in fact full of amazing support for startups but it can be overwhelming and a bit of a jungle to navigate through to have an understanding of which programs support what, within which stage and within which industry. Even once you identify the right program, each one has it´s own different application or format for each sector and stage. This was a big challenge for them and through joining the SSA they hope to support other startups in their journey through the jungle.

The team at MOOST also hope that finding a streamlined and consolidated solution for this issue will be the future of the Swiss startup ecosystem within the next five to ten years. They believe that the environment will develop in a cross functional, cross country, co working, socialised manner bringing knowledge from various team members and working in more remote styled manners to reduce high office costs in the changing environments.

By joining the SSA, MOOST is looking forward to support building an environment that allows for innovation and secure long term prosperity for startups in Switzerland. We look forward to making Switzerland the hub where startups can continue to thrive, attracting both talent and investors from all over the world and promoting sustainability together!

More about MOOST and their Team: 

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