Bug out with us as we welcome SmartBreed to the SSA community!

Sustainability Through Agritech

Offering something completely unique, SmartBreed is an agritech startup that offers insect breeders a local and complete breeding solution to make insect breeding industrially available and economically attractive.

The team at SmartBeed have created an offering of fully automated insect breeding solutions, which enable their customers and partners to breed insects efficiently, cost-effectively and locally.

So, where is this relevant? The technology and service SmartBreed provide allows zoos and the food and animal feed industry to convert local agriculture waste into high-quality proteins and fertilizers via insects. Amazing!

The team at SmartBreed believe that sustainability is most successful when it makes economic sense and is feasible. For this reason, they have been working for over two years to make insect breeding more efficient and economically attractive through their developed automated breeding boxes which optimize the entire breeding process.

The SmartBreed breeding box is currently breeding insects in a Swiss zoo and the company will start pilot projects in the coming weeks with a food production partner as well as a farmer for edible insects and insects for animal feed.

Finding Your Feet and Growing The Startup Community

As you can imagine, the insect breeding market is still very young and the team at SmartBreed have shared their difficulty in strongly establishing themselves with this and the areas of uncertainties connected to a young market.

By joining the SSA community, SmartBreed hope to connect with various stakeholders to be able to develop their product and spread the word of their current successes and future goals.

SmartBreed believe that the Swiss startup environment is an already very attractive place for many startups and believe the number of startups will continue to grow and will accelerate the push for innovation. Within this ecosystem, SmartBreed believe the SSA offers great access to a large community and a well-structured platform which help summarize key topics for startups such as financing.

They are happy to join us to gain access to our network and we are excited to have such an innovative company become part of our community supporting to build Europe’s number one hub for startups right here in Switzerland.

More about SmartBreed GmbH and their Team:

The team at SmartBreed is made up of three young and dynamic brothers who perfectly complement each other’s interests, views and career paths. Christoph Bertschi has been working for four years as a strategy consultant for industrial and technology companies. Adrian Bertschi holds a master’s degree in Nanotechnology from the University of Basel, wrote his master’s thesis at Harvard University in Boston and is currently working on his PhD in bioengineering at ETH Zurich. Patrik Bertschi holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of St. Gallen (HSG).

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