DNA Global Analytics

Join us in welcoming DNA Global Analytics to the Swiss Startup Association!

DNA GA is a startup specialised in AI, VR and blockchain applied to the retail industry. Their goal is to support retailers find new and innovative revenue streams through their technology. Their data-driven solutions aid brands and retailers to create tailored and more relevant content to better engage with customers and creating an improved consumer experience at retail. Win-Win!

DNA AG create customised solutions including smart advertising screens, smart cameras, counting systems etc, which help close the gap between digital and physical experience, enhancing retailer and consumer engagement. With important clients like McDonalds, BMW and NafNaf, DNA GA have already executed thrilling retail projects with various scopes and practices from advertising, health and safety, sports and many more.

Their goal is to finalise their newest prototype related to decentralized autonomous organizations.

With such an exciting and successful product and service, we asked the team at DNA GA what barriers they faced as they set up their business. Their answer was not uncommon to what we hear from other companies looking to establish themselves in the Swiss startup ecosystem: identifying the right business opportunity in the current and ever changing context, finding the right decision-maker, understanding the correct and strong strategic marketing approach, and finally, nailing down the technical aspects of the project and products.

This is why DNA GA chose to become a member of the SSA. The team at DNA GA is eager to learn as a whole within the Swiss startup ecosystem and looks forward to interacting with other major companies and startups to share knowledge and best practice to be able to improve processes to further support in reaching their goals.

We are extremely happy to have them onboard as we exchange ideas, contacts of investors and decision makers and support other startups with our collective knowledge. DNA GA believe the Swiss startup scene will just keep growing and improving in the next five to ten years thanks to its unique competitive advantages in technologies. We are proud to be part of this growth and excited to have DNA GA along for the ride.

More about DNA Global Analytics and their Team: https://www.dna-ga.com/

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