CARIFY joins the Swiss Startup Association to help drive Switzerland to Nr 1 as the hub for startups in Europe!

As a fast growing startup in Switzerland, CARIFY have entered the mature automotive market to revolutionise it! What drives them? To make the impossible possible. When others in the industry claim something isn´t possible, their response is to ask “why not?” and to find a solution to it. Anyone looking to purchase a car is familiar with the traditional sales model of “one-size-fits-none” and the unsatisfying customer experience. CARIFY solves this issue by creating a flexible car subscription platform allowing free choice of the right car, at the right time, for the right need – delivered right to their doorstep, on demand! Enabling a new way of driving, CARFIY have focused on crucial customer values like convenience, simplicity, immediacy and flexibility which are often ignored by today’s traditional automotive service providers. CARIFYs car subscription platform has grown in Switzerland and allows the entire car industry to plug in and participate. A disruption in the current car consumption model was inevitable and CARIFY believe that this unified and flexible customer experiences with a one-stop-service approach, will be the future of the automotive industry.

On the lane to success in the Swiss startup industry, we asked CARIFY what challenges they faced as they embarked on their journey to fund and grow their company. Their answer? The bureaucracy and limited mindset of authorities as they developed their strategy and products. This is not something isolated to CARIFY, but is a rather common challenge for all startups face. CARIFY joined the Swiss Startup Association because they want to stand behind, and support the Swiss talent and startups who give their best every day to change the world. CARIFY believe in a strong startup ecosystem and want to be part of the group of courageous people who are driving to move society forward. The team at CARIFY believe that in the next five to ten years, the startup scene in Switzerland will continue to develop as innovative founders and entrepreneurs establish their ideas and companies. We are very happy to welcome CARIFY on board to help us strengthen the startup network in Switzerland so we can continue to change the world together!

More about CARIFY and their Team:

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