Join us in welcoming Evenlox AG to the Swiss Startup Association!

Founded in 2019, Evenlox is a spin-off of the University of St Gallen, creating and operating the world’s first online marketplace, through which unique event venues, lounges and complementary event services can be booked by the desired target audience in just a few clicks and in direct interaction with the provider. Thanks to Evenlox, time-consuming online searches, cumbersome price comparison and appointment requests by telephone, as well as offer comparison before finally deciding and booking the desired venue are now a problem of the past. Evenlox does not only create this digital and easy event location solution but also deep dives in all event related topics, finding synergies and adding value not only for bookers but also for the providers.

Evenlox joined the SSA because they value the connection and exchanges with other startups within the Swiss environment. They recognize that the journeys of many startups can be similar and by coming together, we can achieve much more, especially when it comes to politics. When asked about what challenges they faced while establishing their company, the team shared with us that creating a product that a consumer truly wants and is willing to pay for and then be able to scale was really the key point to get nailed. They found there is a trade-off between getting enough feedback and doing market research, balanced with being daring and not getting lost or wasting too much time within the product development phase. By collaborating with the SSA, Evenlox would like to work on the issue of taxes associated with employee stock options as a relevant topic in the startup environment.

The team at Evenlox sees the future of the startup scene in Switzerland becoming even bigger and having a significant impact on the economy alongside gaining popularity. We are excited to welcome such a dynamic team to the SSA and look forward to working together as we grow our networks and find solutions to support the startup community in Switzerland.

More about Evenlox AG and their Team: Website

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