Meet our follower: Mathias Maurer

We reached 1000 Followers on LinkedIn!

To celebrate this occasion, we asked some of our followers a few questions about their thoughts and perspectives about the SSA.

Mathias is the CEO and CRO of Crypto Fund AG, a financial service company which provides blockchain-based investment services. He follows the SSA on LinkedIn because his company has been active in the startup field for three years and he is interested in the topics explored by the SSA.

“In the past, it was very important for startups to look for financing possibilities. But nowadays, financing a startup is all about networking,” Mathias explains. In his eyes, the Swiss startup-ecosystem has made a lot of progress and has gotten much better in comparison to the past, but there is still a long way to go and a big potential within Switzerland to draw on.

“Especially for small startups, it can be a challenge to secure larger financing sums in Switzerland. As soon as they grow, they face the next problems. Support with international cooperation has room for development as well,” Mathias says, “I’m sure that the SSA will take up the challenge and try to solve some of these problems.”

Mathias suggests that we at the SSA should support simplified processes for cantonal taxes as well as making introductions between local partners and key international contacts, to support Swiss startups’ fundraising efforts in other countries. Mathias sees an opportunity for the SSA to promote these interests through active representatives at events and through lobbying.

We happily take on this challenge and look forward to our developments in the Swiss startup environment.


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