We are happy to announce Wyblo as part of the SSA community.

Wyblo is a software service able to assess students’ motivation. Why is this necessary? Any student that attended some form of educational environment knows the tedious surveys that are given out to check in on motivation and feedback towards the middle or end of a course or semester. These traditional surveys are ineffective for various reasons, the biggest being there is often not a strong and consistent communication stream between professors and students. Wyblo proposes a solution to the limits of this current feedback system and improves the quality of both learning, teaching and supports an opportunity to reshape and mould the education system.

The software solution collects continuous feedback and provides professors with consistent updated dashboards on their students’ learning drivers. The target customers for Wyblo are currently universities. Their main challenge as they started up was to find their first clients via building their credibility. The leads they connected with found the project to be extremely interesting but wanted to see some case studies and concrete working examples before committing. Wyblo is therefore currently in the process of testing their beta product within different university courses thanks to supporting professors who believe in the project and see its value.  The team at Wyblo aim to start making their first revenues from January 2021 onwards.

Wyblo joins the SSA to gain traction within the Swiss startup environment via more contact with entrepreneurs and investors alike. Getting feedback and support from experts and professionals will help the team at Wyblo drive towards their goal of establishing their software solution at full speed. “When we think about startups we always think of London, Paris and Berlin, and we believe Zurich/Switzerland will be the next European hub” says the Wyblo team regarding where they envision the Swiss start up scene in the next five to ten years. “Switzerland is very strong in fin-tech, med-tech, bio-tech and we wish educational-technology, to be one of them too as we have very strong institutions such as EPFL, ETH, HSG.” The vision of Wyblo is big and we stand by them to support them in their journey as we do will all of our SSA members!

More about Wyblo and their Team: Website
The team at Wyblo is made up of five individuals working full time on their project. They all come with different backgrounds from business, pedagogy, human resources and data science to be able to fully cover the scope of their startup.

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