Meet our follower: Dorian Ebneter

We reached 1000 Followers on LinkedIn!

To celebrate this occasion, we asked some of our followers a few questions about their thoughts and perspectives about the SSA.

Dorian is the CEO of BV4, a leading expert company for startup scouting, assessment and evaluation. He follows the SSA because he’s interested in the agenda of the SSA and he’s curious to see what the SSA can achieve.

“I hope that the SSA can increase the voice of startups so they are heard more often. The whole ecosystem should be brought closer together”, says Dorian.

In his opinion, one of the biggest problems of startups nowadays is the lack of transparency: the money is there but startups don’t know how to approach investors and what attracts them. “Therefore, the Swiss Startup Association should act as a network and ecosystem where ideas can be discussed, experiences and services can be shared and, ultimately, startups can find help”, he continues. Dorian is more than happy to play a part in this and support startups and the SSA in fundraising related topics to help startups get investor-ready with his organisation.

We thank him for his support and look forward to shaping the future of startups in Switzerland together!


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