Meet our follower: Christian Meisser

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To celebrate this occasion, we asked some of our followers a few questions about  their thoughts and perspectives about the SSA.

Christian is the founder of LEXR AG, a technology-oriented legal services alternative and follows the SSA because he thinks the work being done is an interesting initiative to keep up to date with.

As his lawyer’s office offers startup-packages, he knows first-hand that legal services for startups have room to be optimized. “I’m curious to see how the SSA will tackle those challenges”, he says. Christian hopes that the SSA as an umbrella organization for startups, will bring young companies from different Swiss regions together to help simplify legal templates. In his opinion, one of the biggest problems that startups are currently facing in Switzerland, is taxation: “Compared to other countries, Switzerland is quite attractive concerning taxation. But nevertheless, it could do with some improvements.”

Christian suggested that the SSA aims to make improvements in the area of financial market law to try to get rid of laws that inhibit innovation. “Apart from the fact that it is already hard to launch a startup, they need to fulfil a lot of conditions and get the right approvals. There should be more trust in the market and less regulations. Every single law is another obstacle to overcome for startups. And that’s where the SSA can enter into dialogue with policy makers and try to solve those problems.”

We thank Christian for the interesting talk and hope to fulfil his expectations for the future of startups in Switzerland soon!


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