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Aktionariat leverages blockchain technology to deliver a solution for employee participation, fundraising, strategic independence and community engagement. This solution opens up the world of private equity for everybody.

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Main services

Digital Shareholder Registry Package

Includes “cap table” and share display function within wallet app

  • Corporate account and dashboard access
  • Digital shareholder registry for non-tokenized shares (+manual share transfer function)
  • Aktionariat Mobile Wallet
Tokenization Package

Allows creation of tokenized shares and facilitates share transfer and automated updates of the shareholder registry

  • Tokenized shares (security tokens)
  • Signatory powers on blockchain
  • Required legal documents
  • Allowlisting

+ all services from Digital Shareholder Registry Package

Full Market Package

Enables creation of tokenized shares and a market to sell equity on your website

  • Brokerbot, Automated Market Maker for Tokenized Shares
  • Investor widgets incl. Investor Relations Page
  • LEXR Market Legal Package
  • BV4 Plausibility Check
  • Identify verification

Companies that trust Aktionariat


Silvio Morelli
Customer Success Manager
Béla von Mérey
Chief Growth Officer
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