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Codepole is a software development company based in Stockholm and Warsaw. With a shared passion for IT, we focus on providing our clients with top-tier engineers so that they can accomplish their targets whilst enjoying a high-quality and efficient development process. We help our clients to set up their very own nearshore development centers with engineers 100% dedicated to their specific projects. The teams are hired by us and work from our offices but are considered employees of our clients.

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Team augmentation

Offering part-time and full-time developers for a fixed period of time in a technology desired by the Customer, e.g.:

  • Java
  • JavaScript (React, Vue.js, Node.js)
  • Golang
  • .NET
  • Python
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Your own team in Poland. We organize highly skilled IT teams who work exclusively for one client:

  • Quickly
  • Flexibly
  • No distraction
  • High quality

Our developers working on defined deliverables, e.g.:

  • Creation of a web application
  • Integration with specific APIs
  • DevOps as a service
  • Creation of MVP

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Mariusz Pietrzak, Co-Founder of Codepole |

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