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Education Session Library

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Would you like guidance on B&B sales, legal issues, or tips on creating the best investor pitch deck? Our Education Session Library is the perfect resource for you! It features a collection of past Education Sessions co-hosted by our experts.

Join us today to gain access to the complete Education Session Library. Below, you’ll find a publicly accessible session, as well as the topics covered in our other sessions.


Accelerating Growth: A Deep Dive into SaaS Metrics for Startups

Semih Kaçan, Investment Director of Swisscom Ventures, in this session co-hosted by Swisscom Ventures, talked about SaaS Metrics: why are they important, how to steer them, what is important to VCs, and how can you grow your startup.

Download the handbook: SaaS Metrics Handbook


Building a dream team: Proven strategies on how to attract top talent to your startup

Aleksandra Corzun, Business Owner & Recruiting Expert at Way Out Consulting AG, in this session co-hosted by Bexio, talked about strategies and techniques that will ensure you find and hire the very best people for your team.

Download the slides: Building a dream team: Proven strategies on how to attract top talent to your startup


LinkedIn Growth Tactics for Startups

Kotryna Kurt, Founder and CEO of Linkedist, in this session, explore LinkedIn growth tactics for startups, focusing on personal branding, content creation, and other strategies for growth with practical insights on leveraging LinkedIn effectively to establish your brand, create engaging content, and execute successful campaigns.

Download the slides: LinkedIn Growth Tactics for Startups


Neglecting Product-Market-Fit: a common and fatal founder mistake

Patrick Griss, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Zühlke Ventures, in this session, talk about the definition of PMF, what can a founder do to understand PMF, and what are the concrete steps to work towards PMF.

Download the slides: Neglecting Product-Market-Fit: a common and fatal founder mistake


From startup to scaleup: How we managed the transition process

Christian Akeret, Co-Founder and country manager Switzerland of JAROWA, in this session, shared his insights on how manage the transition process from startup to scaleup.

Download the slides: From startup to scaleup: How we managed the transition process – 26.04.2023


How to set up a high performing BoD for your startup?

Virginie VerdonManaging Partner at Startup Board Academy, in this session, talks about the role of company’s bodies in Switzerland, what is a high performing board, how to assess the performance, and why your startup should spend time building the right board.

Download the slides: How to set up a high performing BoD for your startup? 19.04.2023


Is crowdinvesting a suitable source of funding for your start-up?

Linus Gabrielsson, Managing Director of, the Swiss Crowd Investing platform for Start-Ups, Scale-Ups and innovative SMEs, in this session, talks about  how to raise capital from a large pool of investors and gain exposure for your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore a popular alternative to traditional fundraising methods.

Download the slides: Is crowdinvesting a suitable source of funding for your start-up? 11.04.2023


Raising early stage capital for tech startups

An education session with Craig Cooper, Investment Director of the Diabetes Venture Fund at Serpentine Ventures, on raising investments for tech startups: Raising Early Stage Capital for Tech Startups (with cases from Healthtech & Medtech).

Craig leads the Diabetes Venture Fund, addressing one of the major challenges of our time by investing globally in early-stage diabetes technology. Previously ran the investment & commercial arm of the AO Foundation, investing in disruptive healthcare innovation globally.

Download the slides: Raising Early Stage Capital, SSA 02.11.2022


PR is dead? Long live PR! How Startups can build up their brand successfully with Public Relations.  

Brigitte Kaps, Founder and CEO of Rent a PR and Executive PR companies, in this session will talk on Public Relations for Startups: PR is dead? Long live PR! How Startups can build up their brand successfully with Public Relations.  

Download the slides: Rent A PR SSA 05.10.2022


B2B Sales Myths Debunked - How to get from 0 to 10 million without trial & error

Manuel Hartmann founded SalesPlaybook in early 2019 after being frustrated about the lack of flexible, affordable, no-bullshit Sales Acceleration Enablement on the market while he built up sales for a Zurich-based startup himself. Over the last 34 months, SalesPlaybook worked with 200+ B2B entrepreneurs to help them hit product-market-fit and accelerate their market traction without hiring expensive salespeople (too) early on.
Download the slides


SEO for Startups: How to Skyrocket Organic Traffic

In this session, Mario Pfeiffer, Digital Marketing Consultant shared his valuable insights about how to build effective SEO strategies that can take startups even further. 


A Guide to Growth Hacking: Data-driven Scaling & Rapid Experimentation

In this session, Joël L. Capt, Founder & CEO of Real Growth Hacking and Alejandro Schmid, Co-Founder & trainer at Growth Academy shared all of their tips and tricks regarding Data-driven Scaling and Rapid Experimentation. 

Download the Growth Hacking: Data-Driven Scaling Slides here

Download the Rapid Experimentation 220623 Slides here


Scaling Strategies for B2C Startups

In this session, co-hosted by EO Accelerator, you can join Friederike von Waldenfels, as she shares her own experiences, tips, and tricks about how to scale your B2C business.

Download EO Accelerator’s slides here

Download Friederike’s slides here


How to Go International as a Swiss Startup

Join Philip Morger, Senior Consultant Internationalization Starters from Switzerland Global Enterprise, and Ramzi Bouzerda, founder of Droople, and learn valuable advice on how to take your startup international.


Erfahrungen und Schlüsselfaktoren eines erfolgreichen Exits

This Education Session was held in German

Der Verkauf des eigenen Unternehmen ist ein komplexe Angelegenheit. Lerne über die verschiedenen rechtlichen, strategischen und verhandlungstechnischen Aspekte des Exit und von den Erfahrungen von Andy Schwazenbach (BlackRiver), Jeremias Meier (Bexio) und Fabienne Limacher (Walder Wyss).


Why a strong financial model will lead your Startup to success

Christian Bückle, Associate for BV4 explains why you should focus on having a sound financial model what, in particular, to focus on, and what some common mistakes are.

Download the slides


How to create a winning investor pitch deck

Vuk Vegezzi, Senior Associate at BV4 explains what investors focus on when you’re presenting your pitch deck.


B2B Startup Sales - How to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes and what to do instead

Manuel Hartmann from SalesPlaybook shows you what to avoid when doing B2B sales, how to accelerate market traction and how to avoid trial and error.

Download the slides

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