Learning Online for Startups Made Pain-Free with retrain

With the current events worldwide, as well as progressing digitalisation, online course popularity is at an all-time high. It’s now easier than ever to expand your knowledge, learn new skills, and get certified in a chosen subject. This is especially important for startup founders and their teams who often find themselves facing a steep learning curve at various points in their startup journey.

Each online course platform offers something different and unique and yet there is always room for improvement and more innovation. At least that’s what the Swiss Startup Factory wants to prove with their new cohort-based online course platform retrain.

Course participants and teachers have their own set of challenges in the online course world

From a course participant’s point of view, one of the issues with on-demand, non-interactive courses is that they take a lot of self-discipline and motivation to finish. There’s little incentive to fully complete the course and so you end up with numerous abandoned courses. Another issue participants have with such types of online courses is that there’s very little help with transferring and integrating the new knowledge you have just gained into your everyday workflow. Moreover, due to the nature of the courses, it can take a lot of effort and become frustrating to get the right answers to your questions or get solutions to any issues you might be facing with the course content and its implementation in real-life situations.

Teachers – whether they are already teaching or aspire to – have their own set of challenges. Firstly, not every expert will have the means to build their website, develop a course system that works, and spend copious amounts of time and energy to market the course themselves. Others, simply, have the experience and the desire to teach but do not even know where to start.

How is retrain different?

With their online course platform, the Swiss Startup Factory wants to tackle all of the above-mentioned issues. Their platform offers online courses that are cohort-based. They are live and interactive, span multiple weeks, are part-time, and are taught by senior professionals and experts in their fields. Among the teachers, you will find startup founders and department heads, as well as c-level professionals – all building their courses on the foundation of real-world practice. It’s a great opportunity for both, the course takers and the experts who want to teach.

Who can benefit from the courses offered on the platform?

Startups, of course! If you are a startup founder or if you are a product manager or a marketer working at one, you will not only gain valuable new skills that you can immediately integrate into your day-to-day work but will also have the opportunity to learn together and network with other people belonging to the startup scene, as well as corporate professionals.

Interested? Retrain is currently looking for experts who would like to offer their courses, as well as participants to join the first cohorts that are starting in less than 4 weeks. Learn more at: https://retrain.ch





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